The D Chord

2 Week ‘Kick Start’ Beginner Guitar Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 5

“Your First Chord – D Major”


A lot of self taught guitarists don’t know how to play chords properly. It’s not that they play the wrong notes, but more that they don’t know where or how to place their fingers on the fret to produce the best sound.

When I started teaching 20 years ago, it surprised me to see so many students who had this problem. It led me to develop my lessons to include some key steps to help people correct any bad habits they’ve picked up.

Watch the video and I’ll show you how to play chords the right way.



  1. Cecile

    Thank you for sharing- your tips have been very helpful. I am in the middle of my second week and I am 38 years old with short stumpy fingers lol. I can see some improvements In myself which is quite rewarding. I am although having difficulty in directly placing my fingers on each cord without placing them on strings one finger at a time. It is very frustrating and I sometimes feel that I will never ever be able to do it. Do you have any other suggestions that could help me with this. I know practice and patience is the key but if you have any other tips it will be most appreciated- thank you

  2. Cade Forbes

    Dude, this stuff is gold. Thanks a lot.

  3. Gary Meyer

    I am in the middle of my first week. The first three chords are coming easier and cleaner. My finger tips are hardening, and I feel that your instruction is well organized and encouraging. Thanks for the nice interaction.

  4. dale

    as i try to learn the lesson it stops on me and i have to restart it about every 6 or 7 sec. so may not be able to finish the course

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Hi dale, have you tried turning HD off on the video player? That might be it.

  5. Beatrice

    Dear Mark, am grateful for your kindness. its really good that your are sharing your knowledge with us. May God bless you and increase your talent as you share with us. you are good.

  6. Jules

    I really like the way you handle each course. Makes it very easy to follow and to learn. Thanks Mark

  7. Pastor Harm

    I am an intermediate player self taught mostly. I do not know how I got to the beginners course.

  8. geoff

    I no most of the major miner and 7 th cords bar cords still practicing the changes sum better than uthers
    Cheers for the free lessons

  9. Daniel Sandlin

    This is a chord, that I already know, however, I tend to come back to the “basic” chords to practice changing chords quickly!!!!!!

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