The E Chord – Plus Pressing Technique

2 Week ‘Kick Start’ Beginner Guitar Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 7

“The E Chord… Plus, The Secret to Learning Chords Quickly”


The E chord is quite cool because we get to play all 6 strings of the guitar. This means the chord has a really rich, full sound.

Plus, I show you a unique trick I call the ‘Pressing Technique’ that will cut your learning time in half!



  1. Moses

    Thanks for the free lessons so far, I have understood, and now, am practicing

  2. keithb

    I bought your course a couple of years back when someone called rock star recipes owned the rights due to ill health I have only just been able to start learning again so I want to know if I would get an y benefit by signing up again I must say I have enjoyed lesson 10 playing with a backing track just an e-mail back to me will do thank you

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Keith, in a few days time we’ll be launching out a new improved website. You’ll be able to signup for free and try a course out before deciding if you want to upgrade to a paid full access membership. The new site will have a whole social networking component and forums etc. so it will be worth signing up to it even if only on the free membership level. We’ll be sending an email out to everyone once the new site goes live.

  3. Karen

    lovely! thanks Mark. Just also would like to say that your teaching method is excellent – very clear, and easy to follow. I took a look at your session on teaching Hallelujah – I feel your beautiful performance of this song did great justice to it – best I’ve seen. You have a truly beautiful gift in vocals also – thankyou. You have inspired greater practice as I am now practicing this song and others often.

  4. Jim

    This 3minute + lesson has taken nearly 15minutes due to stopping / starting – it’s very frustrating – I’m in n.ireland – is it my location?

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      It sounds like it will be your internet speed. Try turning HD off on the video to see if that helps. Let me know how you get on.

  5. Priscilla

    This is an answer to prayers,I’ve been trying to play the guitar for almost two years and I have not been able to get a proper tutor. I’VE learnt every single lesson and its so easy. Thanks so much Mark, GOD bless you.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Awesome, great to hear Priscilla.

  6. jim

    I knew this chord but this helped with my thumb position thank you

  7. Jenna

    I have been watching your videos but I can’t learn how to stream right, I’m just getting mad at it, I REALLY want to learn how to play but it seems impossible, I’ve been trying to learn for almost a year now!, Help?

  8. Beatrice

    great lesson, thank you.
    Though i have a challenge with internet here where i am, so i get to watch one quoter of it and it fails to load. but all is well.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Hi Beatrice, have you tried switching HD off on the video player?

  9. Jim Duling

    Outstanding lesson Mark. The “Pressing” technique is well worth the effort if it ingrains those chords into your memory. Thanks Again, Jim D.

  10. david

    i am having so much fun with your lessons, no i am having so much fun practicing b-cause of your lessons easy 2 learn and very helpful 4 the new guy, keep em coming
    David P

  11. Lisa

    Fantastic tip Mark! Thank you! Never imagined I would be cutting off all my nails and suffering callouses in order to play a tune! Well worth it! Your videos are much appreciated.☺

  12. kerri-anne

    I am a beginer and am very interested in this guitar lessons. I really want to learn how to play bass and I know with your help I will master. Thanks Mark for the lessons!

  13. William Perry

    Thanks mark,I have so much stuff DVDs,books,etc,etc that I can’t keep up with everything, I know some chords and a couple. Scales but don’t seem to progress fast enough ,used to b very good when I was younger(51)now am re tired ironworker and. My hands r kinda banged up any help and suggestions would b GREATLY APPRECIATED.YOU ARE DOING A HELL OF AJOB BROTHER ABOVE AND BEYOND. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Thanks William. I’m glad I can help mate. How bad are those hands of yours? Hopefully they don’t stop you from picking up your guitar? Without knowing more, my advice would be: keep at it, use what you’ve got to your advantage, and enjoy the process. The last one is the key to always taking something positive away from every guitar session.

  14. Seth

    Thanks for all the great tips and lessons. I’ve been working at changing chords for a couple months and haven’t gotten as far as I would like. But, since I started following you on facebook and signing up for your free lessons, I’ve improved daily.

  15. Roger

    Really enjoying this Mark. I just started a couple of weeks ago and am already feeling comfortable with the strumming pattern. I must say I am not enjoying the pain in the finger tips from pressing on the strings, but at the same time see it as a bit of a ‘right of passage’! In all though I’m loving finally learning the guitar and love the feel of the ‘music’ (ha ha) going through me, really soothing and stress relieving! Cheers mate, your doing a good thing.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Thanks Roger. I’m glad you are starting to ‘feel the music’. It makes the pain totally worth it doesn’t it?

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