Follow Up: Play Along With Mark

2 Week ‘Kick Start’ Beginner Guitar Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 9

“Play Along With Mark”


It’s time to put all your new skills into practice! Start the video and let’s have some fun.



  1. Heather Hurd

    That jam session was awesome! I actually kept up!! I’m 44 yrs old and just started playing at Chrismas when my mom sent me one of my dad’s guitars. I’ve been learning on my own but your instructions have helped so much, who know I wasn’t holding a pick right??? Ha! ThanKS Mark!!

  2. Tony

    Thanks Mark…I am having trouble changing to and from the A chord because I have to play it with my 2nd and 3rd fingers only. Not having that common 1st finger for the A, D, and E change, is forcing me to remove hands from the fret board. Yes my fingers are too big to use the 3 on that dang A chord. Any suggestions for helping me not getting frustrated? Thank You

    1. Mark McKenzie

      If that’s the way you finger the chord, then that’s not a problem with me 🙂 ‘the chord pressing technique‘ is the key… just persevere until it’s programmed.

  3. sabian

    I have problem with hitting strings, for eg. I hit all strings for A and D chord sometimes. I couldn’t accurately hit the required strings.

  4. Lisa

    Thanks Mark! Great exercise! My strumming was hit and miss initially…Now hitting more than missing!

  5. Adam Rees

    Thanks Mark…your videos are so well structured, I really look forward to each one, Thank you

  6. Spartanshaw

    Your intro course has been so helpful to I am going to get a membership after my 2 weeks of free lessons. I stared with chords awile back and had no idea about strumming but you have put it all together for me. Now I am strumming and changing chords and it starting to sound like music. lol So happy!

  7. geoff

    All good cheers, many thanks geoff .

  8. Howard

    Thanks Mark, It seems to be slowly improving the time it takes to switch cords. Practicing with a leader really makes a difference. Thank you. Howard

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