How to Read Chord Diagrams

2 Week ‘Kick Start’ Beginner Guitar Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 4

“Learn How To Read Chord Diagrams”

Chord diagrams are simply diagrams that are universally used to show chord finger placement on the guitar neck. Once you know how to read them you’ll be able to learn pretty much any chord you want to know from any number of online resources.

In fact, we have a free chord book available for download here on the site.

Click here to download your free chord book.



  1. C.H. Wilson

    Thank you Mark for your clear concise lessons..Easy to grasp and apply in learning… Very good and well thought out.

  2. Karen

    Thanks Mark, I have really appreciated your easy to understand lessons. Thanks also for the chord book – you’re a Rock Star 🙂

  3. Fyj

    Thanks good info. Thanks for the book !

  4. Montse

    Thanks a lot, Mark, great lessons!

  5. jim

    I knew how to do this but is good to review in case there is some thing I missed


    You have quite a structured style of presentation Mark. I like your spontaneity Thank you.

  7. Greg Schmidt

    Mark, these few lessons so far are already giving me as a beginner guitarist more helpful info and technique than I got from a popular country singers guitar and dvds that I purchased. I am looking forward to going on this journey of lessons with you. Thanks for your teaching style


    you sure make it nice and simple, thanks

  9. Lisa

    Thanks for a great explanation Mark!

  10. christina Baquil

    Thank you very much now I know what that 0 xx means that I use to wonder what is it for a longtime.:-)

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