The 3 Pillars to Loving Learning Guitar

Is there a one size fits all way to learning guitar in this modern era?

I don’t think there is… at least not yet. No, if I was an absolute beginner today, I would look at it holistically.

1. Build a solid foundation

2. Learn new songs

3. Play guitar

1. Build a solid foundation:

What I’d recommend is getting a ‘foundation in guitar’. The beginner guitar course at is my own personal recommendation. It’s a series of video lessons with me as your personal tutor. It’s a thorough course, but easy to follow. It’s step by step and graduates gently, so you don’t even notice that you’re learning. I’ve created jam-along tracks to make it really enjoyable. Make sure it’s good content delivered with some fun. You’ll need to know the basics of strumming, picking, finger-style, chords and some basic theory stuff too.

Note* There are some really dry and boring ways to do this too, but my course is the bestest and most funnest hehehe

2. Learn new songs:

The next thing to sort is songs. Yup, the best way to get awesome is to learn songs. Not just any songs. The songs that YOU love. Not the songs that someone else thinks you should learn. Why?? Because the thrill of playing a song you love is the biggest thrill when playing guitar. It’s why we play right? Also, when you learn a song, it comes with it’s own unique challenges and techniques. Maybe it has a tricky new chord in the intro. Or maybe the chorus has a different strum you’ve never played. The important thing to remember though, is that you choose songs that are within your grasp. That is…you can get it within a few weeks of playing, otherwise you’ll lose confidence and quit. Sites like Youtube (Mark TheGuitarGuy) and Songsterr are incredible resources for this.

3. Play guitar:

People forget this bit and yet it’s the reason we are learning. It’s like learning to ski but never actually getting out in the snow and having any fun. So give yourself permission to just play! Have fun and enjoy the sound you’re making. No judgement. Guilt free guitar playing. Play by yourself or organise to have a friend come over and jam. Put on a ‘Backing Track’ and play along. Join a band.

So you divide your time between these three things and I guarantee you’ll get better AND have fun learning guitar at the same time.


  1. Roy Elwis

    Hi Mark
    Do you accept payment by EFT as I do not have a credit card and I would like to subscribe for Your 12 month course while is on offer. Keep up the good work and let me have details a.s.a.p.
    Best regards

  2. Emmanuel

    I already to play chords I wanted to train my ear to play any song I want, finger style, and most important I little frighten to pay with my CC so please advice another mode. Emmanuel

    1. Jon Coursey

      Hi Emmanuel, I can understand your fear of paying with your creditcard. I can assure you though that our payment processor is one of the most trusted out there and it’s totally secure. If you are still worried, you can use the Paypal option. They are also very trustworthy. All you’d need to do is register for a Paypal account, add your creditcard and then you could use that option when you purchase your membership.

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