The Social Network for Guitar Students

The ability to interact with others makes learning guitar so much more fun. With Jamorama you get to watch video lessons, collaborate, make friends and share your joy of learning guitar. Learning guitar on-line doesn’t have to be so lonely any-more, so let’s get social!

Social Network for Guitarists

Stay Motivated with a Gamified Guitar Learning Experience

Jamorama doesn’t just help you learn to play guitar. Jamorama motivates you to learn, thanks to powerful social features and integrated Gamification.

Extensive social features, enable social learning. Gamification, helps motivate you.

Social Network for Guitarists

Learn from Courses to Suit All Levels

Whether you’re just getting into guitar or you’re a seasoned veteran, the Jamorama video course library will help you take your playing to the next level. Every course is clear, entertaining, and works with the other courses on Jamorama, so you’ll feel like you’re being guided every step of the way.


“Being able to watch the instructional videos has been extremely helpful. I really feel like the jam sessions have been great too because they’ve encouraged me to continue playing”

– Nicole Walkiewicz. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


“Your course is so convenient and so straight forward that I’m just happy as can be with my progress.”

– Mark Ziggler. North Virginia, USA.


“I just highly recommend this for this small amount of money, and if you get this you WILL enjoy it and you WILL learn how to play guitar.”

– Jim Walker. Las Cruces, NM USA.

The Social Network for Guitar Students