The Ukelele

It’s said that great things come in small packages. Take the Ukelele for instance. Easily played by even the smallest hands. Yet, the sounds possible from this unique instrument are limitless – in the right hands. The Ukelele has punched well above its weight in the international music scene for a long time now. First […]

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Guitar

Fender has struck again. This time at the hearts of early-90s, Nirvana loving guitarists with a penchant for hard rock…the way rock ought to be. Carefully crafted to exacting precision, they’ve reproduced Kirk Cobain’s “battle-hardened left-handed Jaguar” including all the unusual details and the unique electronics that were on-board when Cobain first acquired the guitar […]


If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation where having your guitar with you to practice or warm up on just wasn’t possible, the Shredneck might solve that in future instances. Touted as the ‘ultimate practice and warm up tool for guitarists’ if frees you from the need to have your ‘full sized’ guitar with […]