About Jon Coursey

Jon Coursey is one of the founders of Jamorama.com. He started the site in 2003 with friends David McKinnon and Mark Ling. When he's not working on the site, he loves spending time with his family, or running on the Port Hills near his home.

Rod & Gab

Acoustic guitar duo with Power, Rhythm and Speed! I was very impressed when I first saw a video of this duo covering “Stairway to Heaven”, so impressed that I started digging around Youtube and found a very impressive Metallica cover of “Orion”, since then I simply fell in love with what these guys do! They […]

Carlos Santana

Who doesn’t know Mr. Carlos Santana? Lately I’ve read several comments on the Internet about Carlos Santana, some of them not very positive:  “… I am tired of his playing”, “He hasn’t innovated”, “He plays the same thing,” blah blah blah! I definitely respect everyone’s opinions but I also think that people who say these […]