Happy Halloween

The wide spread observance of Halloween’s more social, festive and commercial aspects appears to be growing every year. American pop culture’s influence on an ever increasing worldwide audience is probably the biggest reason for the rise in popularity of the celebration amongst a new generation. In New Zealand it is fairly rare to see any […]

Discipline in Practicing

In this article we look at how you can develop good guitar practice habits and we look at the common problems that many people have when learning how to change between chords smoothly. Let’s get started! There are two main factors when it comes to discipline in practice. They are practicing regularly, and practicing well. […]

The G Chord

Well it’s a rainy day here in Christchurch, New Zealand and lunchtime seamed the opportune moment to pick up the guitars and have a bit of a jam. Something we’ve been exploring lately is the “One Chord” jam. Quite simply we just pick a chord and hold it for the entire jam. This promotes all […]