Cocktails and Rock tales

In her new book Author Jane Rocca matches 200 alcoholic concoctions with their perfect rock soundtracks. Here are a few of them that I personally recommend.

Classic Rock: Let it Bleed by The Rolling Stones – Jammin` – campari, gin and pomegranate juice fireball

Pub Rock: Highway to Hell by ACDC – Between the sheets – apotent mix of white run, triple sec and brandy

Grunge Rock: Houdini by The Melvins – Hedonism – pear vodka, apple and lime juice, so what ? nevermind

Psychedelica: Paranoid by Black Sabbath – Oddity N.o. 9 – cranberry and raspberry juice, vodka and Italian Tauca – far out.


  1. Jamey Majano

    Clearly stated! Just fantastic! Your composing manner is charming and the way you managed the topic with grace is valued. I am intrigued, I make bold you are an expert on this issue. I am signing up for your future updates from now on.

  2. mondo

    I need that book. I wanna test all 200. What a fun day that would be? 😀

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