Fingerstyle Lesson – Deep River Blues by Jim Bruce

blind blake
For those of you who dig the Piedmont fingerstyle of the North American East Coast here is traveling bluesman Jim Bruce showing you how to play the Doc Watson version of Deep River Blues. Jim makes his living traveling and playing on the streets of Europe.

This lesson is intermediate to advanced and showcases a somewhat idiosyncratic fingerstyle using just the one finger and one thumb. If you are a beginner you might like to try simply strumming the chords along with the Doc in the video below. Jim’s video has the chord diagrams embedded into it.

You can find out more about Jim Bruce and his guitar playing travels here and here where he showcases some great ragtime techniques and Blind Blake songs.


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  2. Bill Weiner

    Hi, Like your stuff. There’s not many guys that try to get it close, get the original excitement. I’ve been playing since 1963 when I had an epiphany listening to a guy named Mike Stewart. If your interested I’d like to talk to you sometime. Regards, Bill Weiner

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