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    Ian Witz

    Hi there

    I have been upgraded to the Pro account, but I am unable to access any of the Plus or Pro lessons – it redirects me to the Membership Upgrade page. Pleases assist.



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    I have been a Jamorama Loyalty Member since 2013. At that time Jamorama CEO Jon Coursey sent me an email stating that:
    “we gave you FULL ACCESS. Absolutely free of charge.

    As a ‘Loyalty Member’, we will never ask you to pay a cent for our guitar
    lessons. They’re yours.”

    Since the Jamorama site upgraded about 2 months ago I have been unable to access any Jamorama Courses. So far, all my communication with [email protected] have not been responded to. So I have followed Ian’s approach of registering for the Free Membership so that I can post my situation. My hope is that someone can give me some assistance on how I can get access back to the Plus and Pro lessons.


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    Jon Coursey

    Hi Guys, sorry for the delayed response on the forum. These systems are new for us so we’re just getting ourselves orientated. I can see that both of you have had your accounts fixed up by Luis in support.

    For anyone else experiencing account issues since the launch of the new site, please contact our support center and we will get you sorted.

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    Hello there

    Like the two guys above I am a Loyalty Member and have been since 26th May 2013. I received an email on 18th November 2013 from Jon Coursey in which I was told that
    “when we launched our new site with all new video lessons taught by an expert instructor, we gave you FULL ACCESS. Absolutely free of charge. Forever!”

    Unfortunately on the new website when I try to login with my original username which is michael6035 I am advised that my username and email does not exist.

    I have tried e-mailing jamorama support about the problem, but so far have received no response. For this reason I have re-joined jamorama as a free member so that I can use the social media facility to make contact with someone who is in a position to deal with the situation.

    Thank you for your assistance.
    Michael6035 (New username g801758)

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