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    After re-oiling the fretboard on my electric guitar, changing the strings and performing a setup to the manufacturers guidelines trying to get the action as low action as practical, the guitar can no longer be played by tapping notes on the fretboard. Evidently according to PRS, there is a sweet spot for pickup height. Has anybody agonised over this issue and managed to solve the problem?

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    Rob G

    I haven’t, but it makes sense. I had Guitar Center do a setup and restring when I got my PRS SE Custom 24 (slightly used). It’s sitting here next to me since I have a lesson this afternoon.

    I don’t have a ruler, but eyeballing them, my strings are about 3/32″ above the frets the full length of the neck. I can hammer-on notes just fine, but it does take deliberate effort to do so.

    I tried to take a photo but it didn’t come out well enough to attach.


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    Thanks Rob. I set the guitar up using the parameters from the PRS website for the truss rod adjustment neck relief, pickup heights, string height on the low and high e above the pickups and then also equalised the sound on each of the strings changing the pole heights of each of the two humbucker pickups through all five settings on the coil splitting pickup five way switch, hoping that the additional magnetic and piezo switch makes no difference to the equalisation of the poles. There is a missing piece of the puzzle. PRS recommends adjusting the pickup’s where they just start to work which I find hard to pick not knowing what to expect If you watch a Youtube clip by Phoenix van der Weyden playing her version of the group Winger’s song Seventeen, this is the sort of setup I am hoping for. Very talented female guitarist, she is just awesome. I have only been playing the guitar for little over two years, this is something I want to learn. I trusted a guitar shop to set up my Lag acoustic guitar, the owner telling me he considered himself a Luthier, only to find the frets levelled to the point where they won’t take a second redressing. What a mistake.should of does it myself., just another part of the learning curve.

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