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    rob ltdan

    need chords and strum for the following song here ….. trying to follow but as a beginner i need some help ..tks !

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    Blues Man

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    Mark McKenzie

    G, Cadd9, Em, D,
    Cadd9, Em G x3

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    rob ltdan

    great thanks so much . cadd9 gave me trouble . got it now !

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    Anonymous @

    This may not be the correct thread, but here goes… Can a guitar strumming pattern be translated to finger picking? I would assume you can play the same rhythm using finger picking as you do when strumming, getting the same feel of the song. But is there a way to go about this? finding easy finger picking songs is difficult where as if there is a way to “translate” the Rock strum into finger picking, any song can be used, I guess

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    Luis Tovar

    Kristian, interesting question, the answer is yes. You can definitely play a finger picking pattern on any song, it would change the feel and of course the sound of it. A strum pattern will emphasis more and will bring a stronger character, when the finger picking will make it sound softer. You can work on this exercise using any song with any chord progression… best thing would be to play a simple 4 chord song, the Rock Strum video lesson above is actually a good one to play with. When it comes to “how to finger picking” there are some shortcuts that can help but explore and play with it is perhaps the best one and more fun to do. Note: Finger picking sounds great when you play the bass note first, for example if you are playing a G chord play the 6th string first and then pick others. Hope this helps for now. Have fun exploring it 🙂

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