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    Hi, why my strumming sound is so harsh ? My pick is en 0.5. If i loosen a little bit the pick to be more soft, it falls down.
    How do you do this clean and compact strumming sound without only high strings notes in the up stroke ?
    Thanks to all

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    Alan Carter

    I had this problem for a long time (and probably still do).

    Basically practice 🙂 If you look on youtube under mark the guitar guy, you should see a “how to awesomize your strumming” type video. He’ll go through the use of dynamics to only hit a certain number of strings, to palm mute it a bit to vary your strums.

    But yeah.. took me a long time to not feel like I was going full volume on my strumming when I started using a pick.

    Possibly a side thing you could try, whilst I was starting, I found using the nylon picks were quite effective (like the Jim Dunlop Nylon picks) – they will slow you down, but have a softer noise (as they’re a bit rubbery) — I found the .83 was the right size for me back then.

    Good luck !

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