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    Rob G

    I ordered some of these and they arrived yesterday:

    Yeah they’re a little pricey (I spent $26 shipped on three), but holy cow are they NICE!

    Ever since starting learning to play seven weeks ago, I’ve rarely used a pick. I just haven’t liked them very much. These stone picks are soooooo nice. Naturally, they’re totally stiff, as there is zero flex… but they’re easier to use since they aren’t as square-edged as regular plastic picks, and there’s also no vibration returned to your fingers like there are with plastic ones.

    I think I’ll order up another three next payday, so I can have extras.


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    Wow, those look intense! 🙂
    How are they for “grippy-ness”? I find that plastic picks slip around in my fingers a lot. I’m sure it’s a beginner thing, but I have trouble keep a grip on them.

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    Rob G

    They’re way easier to hold onto. I know exactly what you mean about the plastic picks being difficult to grip… I’ve dropped quite a few of them. The stone ones, while still fairly smooth, are much easier to hold. They’re quite a bit thicker than the plastic ones. Their thickness varies from pick to pick. The three I got are all three different thicknesses, but all three feel great and work great.

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    There are “textured” picks made by DUNLOP called MAX-GRIP, they are .88 try them they will never slip out of your fingers again.

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