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Home Forums Learning Tips and tricks Tip 2: Start with really simple songs when starting your ear training

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    Alan Carter

    Ear training is hard if you are not naturally attuned for it. I am not a natural at is, so what I did was start to try to guess the notes from the songs that get played by my baby’s toys such as ‘coming round the mountain’ or other riffs that those toys seem to have.

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    @[email protected]

    I wish I could but as Loyalty Member I have spent almost three weeks send communication such as the following:

    I have paid you to get to be the best I can be; using your course and guidance… I am a LOYALTY MEMBER and as such and have lifetime access and should NOT be going thru this NONSENSE

    I cannot fathom the ridiculous communication I have been going thru for some 2 1/2 WEEKS… 2 weeks of not getting the material promised so that I too may strive for Martins success …

    WHY am I being put thru this… you are taking the joy I started with and crushing my 55-year-old ass !!
    I have suffered for 5 years with RSD (pain you would not believe…look it up) and just now am trying to regain a SMALL portion of my life..I will never swing a golf club again… all I have is my music… PLEASE STOP…

    You seem like an honorable man and I know you have spent time with the arm services… I am a Veteran myself and until I was crippled I managed a locked door psych unit for my fellow Veterans so do the right thing and fix my problem ASAP…. PLEASE … Talk to Luis T. in Support … he is very aware of my account status

    William Christie
    username: [email protected]

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    Alan Carter

    Forgot this stupid site eats my posts with URLs in it.

    Ok, so if this works, I’ve attached a screenshot with the URL you’re supposed to go to for rockstar recipe’s helpdesk. You want to click on that ‘new support ticket’ button you should find on the right (not in my screenshot sorry) and pester them that way.

    I got this information by searching for ‘loyalty’ which seemed to bring up your posts and ones for ‘classic’ membership.

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    Alan Carter

    So also to that, there’s a fella on this site Jon Coursey, I believe he looks after things which is where i stole the above info from, you’ll see it in this post attached here. Stupid I have to attach pics instead of the urls directly, but well.. *shrugs*

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