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    Herre Visser

    Dear Jamorama,
    I’ve been a member from the 1st Jamorama website. Due to lack of time, other interests, work etc. There has been a long time that i haven’t touched the guitar. Last year i had a burn-out and found back the please in playing the guitar again.

    I got in touch with Jamorama support last year and they converted my old Jamorama account into a lifetime loyalty membership as i was one of the members of the first Jamorama site. Great support, quick replies etc.

    From time to time i log into Jamorama site to check for some chords, check out the videos etc.

    Suddenly when this year the new website came life… i could not login anymore! Why?

    • I’ve been mailing at [email protected] several times without a response.
    • I’ve been trying to get in tocuh with you by sending a direct twitter message with no luck.
    • I’ve send a private message on facebook, with no anwer. For what i believe it even isn’t read.
    • I’ve posted on a topic on Facebook where you promote the new website, there was also another guy haveing the same login issues, no response.
    • Today ive posted a public message on the facebook page, with the same questions as in this posting… Please Jamorama… where did the customer support go?

    Please get in touch with your clients, offer the great support you used to do… where do we get in touch with the correct persons… dealing with accounts etc… where did the customer support go?

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    Herre Visser

    By the way, i’ve created this account so i could post over here with a second email address… my previous account name used to be “herre.visser”

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    Timothy Gray

    I’m in the same situation, my account was lifetime loyalty membership when they converted over. Now I’m on my new computer and I am trying to login and it is telling me that I don’t exists. I tried the password recovery with no luck. Had to setup a new basic free account in order to post this message. Can anybody help me get back my membership that I paid for?

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    Me too same thing, i came back to get the finger style lessons and had to rejoin my accounthad been removed, I am waiting for a reply now

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    Jon Coursey

    Hi Guys, when we made the move from the old system to this one we decided we wouldn’t create accounts for all legacy/loyalty members, but instead we would send out an email with a coupon for those users to create new accounts for free in the new system. We did this because for the following reason: of the roughly 9000 legacy member accounts we knew only a fraction of those were actually active… but we didn’t have an easy way of segmenting this group. So, instead of dumping 7000 or so ‘dead’ accounts into the system we decided to let our users tell us whether or not they were still interested in using Jamorama.

    While I’m not sure what has happened in each of your cases (perhaps we didn’t have you on our loyalty members mailing list or maybe our email landed in your spam box?), I can say that we will be reinstating legacy member accounts on a case by case basis as members who missed out come to us via support or the forums.

    @h.a.visser – I updated your account yesterday. Thanks for the heads up on twitter 🙂

    @tgray143 – I can see your account as been updated already, so I presume Luis tidied that up for you?

    @mike – I can see you currently have an active Pro account. Are you still having trouble logging in? Let me know and if so I’ll sort it out for you.

    Thanks heaps for your patience guys, I really appreciate it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    For any other membership queries it’s best to go through to Jamorama Support where Luis will help get your sorted.

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      Herre Visser

      Hi Jon, thank you for explaining the issue more in detail and fixing this problem.

      Great work!

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      I did NOT receive a coupon to create a new account in the new system. I’m in the same boat as the others (I joined as a lifetime member around 10 years ago and was very, very disappointed when I could not access my old account. Feel like I’ve been ripped off. Any way to rectify this? Thanks.



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      Jon Coursey

      Hi Don, I see you got your account upgraded via support. Sorry for the inconvenience. As you may have read on the forum, we had some issues with some long standing members not getting the email message about the site upgrade. But glad to see you got your account sorted.

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    Thanks for the reply Jon.,
    I paid up yesterday as a new member as I wanted access to some new stuff you put up, music thoery, blues and finger stlye, so didnt really mind, Also I am a local lad from Christchurch, curent in the NZDF and a loyal supporter since about 2007/08 (The NZA Band is just next door at work) So I dont mind paying to support a local/ international business.


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    PS, I like the layout of the new site the achivments and frineds and whole dashboard concept its excellant

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    Anonymous @

    Sorry to announce, but I’m in the same position.
    I had a lifetime loyalty account, but since the changeover, I too am unrecognised by the site.
    My username was “Kossoff” ….
    I have registered the problem with Jamorama Support, but have heard nothing from Luis.
    I would appreciate any help in getting re-registered and connected to the site. I joined the FREE option just to be able to post here.


    Great new site layout BTW …. I just wish I could navigate the articles.

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    Ian Witz

    I am unable to login to the Jamorama site.
    I have sent an email to Jamorama Support – no response.
    I see on the site forum that a number of other Loyalty Members have experienced the same fate recently.
    I would also appreciate getting re-registered and connected to the site.
    I joined the FREE option just to be able to post here.
    Please update / rectify and forward me the updated details.

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    Vic Delport

    Glad to see I’m not the only one in this boat.
    Sent two mails to Support with no reply and I haven’t received the mail regarding the membership creation.
    I’m also loyalty member that has gone missing on your side.
    Could you please assist.


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      Jon Coursey

      Hi Vic, I’ve just upgraded your account to PRO mate. All the best with the lessons 🙂

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    Jon Coursey

    Jamorama Support is available here:

    If you are a Loyalty Member who has not been able to log in to Jamorama since the new site was launched, please contact us via the support system so we can get your account re-instated.

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    Stacey Albano

    Hi, My pro account is up and running but I can’t access the games, tuning or jam tracks. Are they no longer available for Loyalty members? Thanks gorilla6487

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    Alistair George

    Seems this forum is not being monitored by the Jamorama admins.
    Recent posts by sexton8611 are completely off-topic and normally would be removed.

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    I am having the same problem as everyone in this forum. I bought Jamorama many years ago. Only reason I bought it was because of the lifetime access. I have picked up my guitar again this past week, and dusted it off, and I cannot access the site. I never got an email about the site upgrade.
    I opened a support ticket, but have had no response. #52293 Re: [#28000] old membership.
    I had to use a different email so I could access this forum and post this message.
    Can one of the admin plz help me? @jon you still monitoring this forum thread?


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