Alternate Picking Technique

Advanced Guitar Picking Course
– with Mark McKenzie Part 1

“Alternate Picking Technique”

Welcome to the Advanced Guitar Picking Course!

Today we’re looking at something called ‘Alternate Picking’, an essential lead guitar skill if you want to play FAST.

If you haven’t already seen my ‘How to Hold and Use a Pick’ video you can watch it here ==>




  1. Nardopi

    You are an amazing teacher.I have taught art for twenty years and feel I have met a master.Thank you

  2. sede

    Wow!! Super fast!! Thank you…Merry christmas..nd happy new year!!

  3. Gidion

    Helllo Mr. McKenzie

    For the first time in my life I have finally found someone who really knows how to make guitar learning easy , I have always wanted to learn but I could never find someone that I could understand , but your lessons makes the picture clear and so much enjoyable, thank you for sharing your knowledge to us.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Thanks Gidion! All the best with your playing!

  4. Gary c

    Once again flawless approach and guidance easy to follow cheers
    Oh and merry Christmas

  5. Neal Juliar

    I can not login into the jamarama web site

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Neal. Did you manage to get in? If you’re still having trouble, send a message via the help center and Luis will help get your log in details sorted.

  6. David Verdery

    I just can’t believe how fast I’m learning to play the guitar I got in college, and it just ended up in the closet never to be used, until I heard about your curse. So thanks a lot!

  7. Tim

    Good exercise helps your coordination.I have used this exercise when I first began.

  8. geoff

    Thanks Mark, love the video, I had trouble with my left arm leaning on my leg.
    The video help a lot.
    Cheers geoff

  9. derek williams

    Hi Mark, I am also enjoying the tuition you are providing, I do get a little confused with some of the strumming patterns but seeing that I have the lessons on my phone I can go back time after time, thank you and keep it coming

  10. Melvin

    Thanks for the e-mails

    Have got my account mess fixed yet ??? Melvin Slater 409 Polson Ave. Endeby Bc Canada V0E 1V2
    I have as yet received no reply onlu that I turn out to have two account, one was to be cancelled.

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Hi Melvin, it looks like you’ve got an account but you haven’t quite finished the registration process (creating your username and password etc.). You should have received an email with a link to go and do that. Have a look in your inbox and your spam folder to see if it got lost in there. If you can’t find it, send Luis (my support guy) an email via help center and he’ll get it all set up for you.

  11. John Broek

    Hello Mark.
    I am already a member of your site and I love the way you handle all the things of gitarplaying.
    I still get reminders of becomming a member but I can not do it twiche.
    Become of my age I am going more slowly as I wanted but I have a lot of plessier in loggin in every day and get mij gitarvitamins.
    I wish you al the best.

    John Broek Netherlands

    1. Mark McKenzie

      Thanks John, I love the visual… a guitar dude taking his guitar vitamins before rocking out hehe. Glad to be of service mate. Rock on.

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