How to Play Sweet Home Alabama Intro by Lynyrd Skynyrd

So you want to learn how to play the intro to Sweet Home Alabama? Well, here it is… watch the video and find out how easy this it is to learn this iconic guitar riff.

Video Lesson: Sweet Home Alabama Intro

Whenever I sit down to a guitar lesson with somebody, and they’re unsure of what they wanna learn… I just start playing the intro to this song and watch their face light up.

“I wanna learn THAT!”

Regardless of age, ethnicity or musical taste…they all want to be able to play it. And it’s actually pretty simple. I’ve taught it to so many people I couldn’t even tell you how many.

OK so why is it so cool??

I think it’s a combination of two things. Palm muting and the cool riff with the Pull offs and Hammer ons.

It’s one of those Intros that sounds way harder than it actually is to play. But with a simple grasp of a few chords and a good picking technique, you’re halfway there.

Did you enjoy the video? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. pedro travers

    Really hard to improve with ADD? Ugh help

  2. darryl skeavington

    Hello mark have you covered simple man by lynyrd skynyrd if not any chance. cheers daz subscriber


    Keep rock’in your the best

  4. Robert Caballes

    Great skills Mark! If possible please play the Hotel California song completely. Thanks!

  5. Peter Kimball

    Hi Mark
    It’s great I’m learning the correct way HaHoo! Is there a book out there that you know=with songs-tabs and the words? Trying to find a Christmas present for my wife?
    Peter Kimball

  6. Peter Dalton

    Detail was great on the first part of Sweet home Alabama but I still can’t work out what to do with the riff. Can you explain in win a bit more detail please. Otherwise, having a great time and enjoying learning from scratch with your beginner lessons. Cheers!

  7. kelly hunter

    Id like to learn the rest of hotel california. maybe you can help me find it ,thanks mark!

  8. Gary Wallis

    Great song want to learn it.. Like the way you break it down in small pieces. It would help me so much to have the tabs to follow along with you teaching…thanks so much….

  9. Frank LI

    Mark, you are a great guitar teacher.
    I am sixty year old. I started learning guitar just at the beginning in 2014.
    Though I am struggling with my eye, ear, left hand and right hand coordination, your instructions is clear and easy to follow.
    But most importantly, you can tell us which is the key issue to tackle in each lesson.
    Thank you very much.

  10. April

    Hi mark awwwww i truely love the way you teach guitar lessons,its sooooo easy and simple 2understand i am new at guitar playing ,thank goodness there is someone normal like yourself.. who we all can understand.. YOU ROCK MATE i myself is a kiwi ..ummmm can u please show me how to play last part of Alabama i got lost!!! ur fingers were to fast for me ..hope 2hear back from you?????….GOOD ON YA MATE you doing excellene jop KEEP IT UP.

  11. Richard Tisch

    Mark- I have been playing guitar for about 6 months…..found your Jamorama website 3 months ago and joined. Love your teaching style……Crystal clear guidance. My friend has been playing guitar for over 30 yrs. I played some strum patterns and chord changes I learned from you……he could not believe that I have only been playing for 6 months. Keep up the excellent work!

  12. Mark

    Great lessons! Especially liked the “Hotel California” one. 🙂

  13. Tuck

    Hey Mark !
    How come you didn’t supply the tab for Sweet Home Alabama and Hotel California would be very usefull .Could you make a video of You Needed Me By Anne Murray have been wanting to learn this song for a long time Plus could you supply the tab for it also, would be extreemly appreciated. Thanks Tuck

  14. Ron

    Always wanting too learn new things, could you teach us ghost riders in the sky? Thanks again mark! your the best””

  15. George C Ingram

    Thank you so much for posting a lesson on Sweet Home Alabama!! Please give me all the details of the song. Thank you for breaking this song down. Conley


    Great lesson Mark to a great song. Yes you need to progress in blocks to finish.

  17. colin

    can you give us tabs for Alabama intro please–I am too slow to write it down.


    You, my friend are an amazing teacher. I’ve been working on this tune for weeks ands this is the first time
    I’ve understood what to do. THANKS

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