Jeff Beck

I`ve been lucky enough to spend an entire gig standing next to Jeff Beck, drink a few beers, chat awhile and ask him some questions about tremelo and the performances I`d seen at Hammersmith Odeon. I also saw him at The South Bank in London and he played with John McLaughlin and The White Stripes. It`s quite strange when you find yourself at a small local gig drinking beer with your favourite guitar player.


  1. Cam Findlay

    Yeah I watch the Jeff Beck @ Ronnie Scotts DVD over Xmas… it’s a great DVD if you can get hold of it… the bass player is certainly a feisty one!

  2. Jake

    Mondo….definitely – the South Bank show was spectacular – I also saw him on the Guitar Shop tour in the early nineties and he was amazing and hung out at a local Big Town Playboys gig – he recorded an album with them later that year focusing upon his influences – Gene Vincent et al…

  3. mondo

    I saw Jeff Beck on BBC4 a few weeks back. That was live from Ronnie Scotts. Was very very impressive!

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