Video Series: How to Play a Killer 12 Bar Blues in 8 Simple Steps


Become a Blues Monster!

The 12 Bar Blues is the simplest and most effective way to start learning the blues. Now it's time for you to start using it.

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The A7 Chord


The 12 Bar Blues


The B7 Chord


The Blues Swing Strum


Simple Blues Intro


Combined Strum and Progression


The E7 Chord


Adding the Blues Intro

The Fastest Way to Learn The 12 Bar Blues!

Many people are intimidated by the idea of learning the 12 bar blues... and maybe you feel the same way. Isn't it too complicated, too theoretical, too time consuming? It's time to realize that learning the 12 bar blues is really easy and makes playing  the guitar more fun.

What You'll Discover in this 8-Part Course:

  • Tricky Blues Intro Made Simple
    Learn a blues intro that sounds hard to play but in actual fact is easier to learn than a simple A chord.
  • Master the "Hardest Strum" in 5 Minutes
    The blues swing strum is considered to be one of the toughest strums to master. You'll do it in under 5 minutes with this simple strumming trick. 
  • The 12 Bar Blues Recipe
    Learn the exact chord progression you can use to jam the blues with anyone!
  • The 3 Easiest Blues Chords
    Start sounding bluesy immediately with the A7, E7, and B7 chords, three of the bluesiest chords ever played on guitar!

What Others Are Saying:

Emma Palmer Customer

"...found it fascinating and have improved greatly. His ideas about how to learn, balancing, imprinting, repetition + fun jam sessions are spot on. He is the business. You need look no further."

Susan Goldman Customer

"You really learn useful tips and tools and he is encouraging. He even seems to anticipate mistakes I might make and reminds me to embed what I've learned before moving on."

Phil Lyn-James Customer

"It's a pity this standard of instruction was not around 40 years ago... I'd probably be packing them into the Albert Hall by now!!!"

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