Introducing Mark the Guitar Guy

If you’ve been following one of our JamEdge free lesson series or if you’re a Jamorama Deluxe member you are probably already familiar with our very own ‘Mark the Guitar Guy’.

Mark McKenzie - Mark The Guitar Guy

But for those of you who don’t yet know who the ‘Guitar Guy’ is, let me introduce you to Mark McKenzie; one of the heavy weights when it comes to teaching the guitar; he was on hand during the creation of our Beginner Skills Techniques and Introduction to lead guitar free lessons (currently offered as a free series when you sign up for our JamEdge Newsletter) And he is also the frontman of our Jamorama Lead Guitar course as well as the Lead licks video course (included in Jamorama Deluxe)

Mark is a busy guitar guru. He has been all over the place in the last couple of years performing with the New Zealand Army Band in places like Australia, Hawaii, The United States, Scotland and Turkey, just to name a few. But, the good news is that we’ve managed to secure Mark and lock him in to do some fresh new (not to mention HD) video guitar lesson content and we’ve locked him in a room with Dave and Eugene to pump out some great new guitar lessons. In fact I can hear him warming up for another session just next door.
Mark McKenzie - Mark The Guitar Guy
Pretty soon there will be some brand new video courses to help you improve your guitar playing. And the best part of it is that we have already released some of those lessons on youtube for free. So go check them out right now, subscribe to The Guitar Guy Youtube channel and get amongst them. Comment if you like it, tell Mark if there’s anything that could be improved or if you didn’t quite understand something he covered.

Mark, The Guitar Guy is gonna show you all the tricks, techniques and teach you all he knows in simple and easy high quality video lessons that you’ll definitely love! But beware, Mark is armed to the teeth with his Line6 Variax electric guitar, his enviable Takamine electro-acoustic guitar and his super powerful Line6 Spide Valve 112 guitar amp.

What are you waiting for? Visit The Guitar Guy Youtube channel.

PS: Make sure to subscribe to his Youtube channel to get the best of Mark The Guitar Guy!


  1. Andrew Shaw

    G`day Mark , talk about great luck coming across you on the net. You`re an inspiration! I`ve been playing the guitar for years, but I`m fairly ordinary. Sharing your knowledge and skill on the net and just listening to the passion and heart you put into your playing and singing has lit a fire in me to want to be the best guitar player and singer I can become . To go back to the basics and to really listen and learn how to play music that will be enjoyable for me to play and hopefully one day share that with others so they can enjoy listening to me.

  2. Nivetha

    Mark u r the best guitar guruuu.. Reallyy ur way of teaching is awwwwwwssssommmeeee. 🙂

  3. ruben prajwal

    brother, love the way you play guitar

    I request you please tell me what’s the tuning hz

    of all strings

  4. David Thomson

    Great job on the lessons Mark McKenzie provides. It would be really helpful if Mark would make available a lesson on locating Major keys on the guitar neck for his beginning Lead guitar course.

  5. Deb Badger

    Hi Mark,
    I met you at the Briscoe and really enjoyed your acoustic entertainment! Please send me your
    availablility for guitar lessons and I will check my calendar and get back with you.
    Thanks and blessings,

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