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  • The strings on my acoustic guitar are too thick for me to play for long periods of time and made my finger tips ache to the point of losing sensitivity in my figure tips. I dropped a string gauge or two to make it easier to play but this affected the Intonation, accuracy of pitch, on the guitar. I played the open string, perfect, then the octave…[Read more]

  • Playing up and down the neck of the guitar using the five positions of the e minor pentatonic, swapping and continuing from one scale position to the next and the same mixing major and minor pentatonic scales. Not just banging away practicing but using a song and adding a solo.

  • GEORGE replied to the topic GUITAR FINGER TAPPING in the forum Electric Guitar 3 years ago

    Thanks Rob. I set the guitar up using the parameters from the PRS website for the truss rod adjustment neck relief, pickup heights, string height on the low and high e above the pickups and then also equalised the sound on each of the strings changing the pole heights of each of the two humbucker pickups through all five settings on the coil…[Read more]

  • GEORGE started the topic GUITAR FINGER TAPPING in the forum Electric Guitar 3 years ago

    After re-oiling the fretboard on my electric guitar, changing the strings and performing a setup to the manufacturers guidelines trying to get the action as low action as practical, the guitar can no longer be played by tapping notes on the fretboard. Evidently according to PRS, there is a sweet spot for pickup height. Has anybody agonised over…[Read more]

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  • GEORGE replied to the topic Finger Dexterity? in the forum Ask a question 3 years ago

    As a novice, guitar practice reminds me of the game Snakes and Ladders. Without everyday practice, even for 10 minutes, my dexterity reduces along with my memory as to where I am at. If you think that you are alone, take heart, professional musicians have trouble playing certain songs. Good example is Tim Pierce on YouTube playing a tutorial of…[Read more]

  • GEORGE replied to the topic Homemade Amps in the forum Guitar Gear & Accessories 3 years ago

    I had a look at the issue of speaker cabinets more recently. Utilising existing speaker cabinets may be an option. Everybody I know has or have thrown out old stereo speaker cabinets at one time or another. In my case,I have a pair of tower speaker cabinets from a dead stereo system. Each speaker cabinet houses a 12 inch Woofer, a midrange…[Read more]


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