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    Good Day Everybody
    I hope the practice sessions are going well, I have set myself two practice sessions a week one midweek and one on the weekend that can change once I can actually play something, I have found in the past if I practice too many times in a week I lose interest, I have been on Jamorama site for a couple of years now and still feel as though I have not learnt much because I keep on hanging up my guitar for a couple of months at a time due to lack of interest and other commitments, but this time I am determined to make it work that is why I do not wan’t to set too many practice sessions as long as I am consistent.

    It would be interesting to know how far everybody is in the course , I started from the beginning again to recap as it is such a long time since I have picked up my guitar I originally Completed Beginner guitar stage 1 and started with Beginner guitar stage 2 but I am now doing stage 1 over again I don’t know if you guys are there or if you have passed there, my major challenge at the moment is the picking exercise especially the jam track I will be on that one for a long time with a lot of practice to come especially if you wan’t to keep up with the jam track (Beginner Guitar Method stage 1 week 3 no 8)it will be interesting to hear from everybody if you have tried it and how it went the challenge is hitting the right strings without looking at the strings if I look at the string my eyes get even more confused, I know it will come with a lot of practice I know I have already improved a little bit but I still can’t play along with the jamtrack it is too fast.

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    • If you really want to learn, and enthusiasm, and desire are present, then you will assuredly conquer any obstacles in the way of your pursuit.

      I can throw a rock in my neighbourhood, and hit a guitar player really frequently. It’s an instrument that is very accessible, and very popular for a good reason.

      Fear not, and stay with it, and making music can be your lifelong companion… forever and ever.

      Good luck,