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    @johntesoriero Hi John! Thank you so much for those chord progression charts! Those will be very helpful!! Do you play G with 3 fingers or 4? It feels good to have my guitar's like I'm learning all over fingers are KILLING me. I can't believe with just over a week off they are that sore! Kinda frustrating! The advice on which chords to learn and a really great way to practice is wonderful! I will give that a try. When you were first learning chords and progressions, did you keep doing it over and over until you perfected it or did you mix it up a bit? When I get to one of Mark's lessons, I feel the need to perfect it before we get to the part where we play together. Maybe I'm trying too hard? Is this possible? I am going to try C Am F G to a metronome to mix it up a bit. Would you suggest doing C to Am until I get it then, adding F, etc. or go all at once starting slowly. I haven't done any barre chords yet...F is a barre chord, right? How's it going for you? How was/is your Sunday? Are you a football fan? What else do you like to do besides play guitar? Thanks again, John!! Talk soon! Karen


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