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Tomas Michaud Guitar Instructor

I really like Mark's teaching style. He seems amazingly patient. I'm excited to see what other things are coming in the future.

Barry SanMartin Jermyn, US

What a great experience! Mark shares his knowledge and talents with us people who are looking for a real-time, down-to earth individual who can help us achieve a level of success that is based on our time frames :) Thanks Mark!

Aaron O'Conner Auckland, NZ

Best guitar teacher on the internet! I've followed Mark for the past 2 months and have amazed myself at how quickly I could learn guitar. Mark is clearly a natural teacher and his classes are easy and most importantly FUN!

Letter From Mark McKenzie

Updated on December 21, 2022

Hi, I'm Mark McKenzie, Head Guitar Instructor at Jamorama.com. I'm also a contributor to Guitar Player Magazine, and the Creator of The Guitar Guy YouTube Channel.

When I started learning guitar, the only available learning resources were magazines and artist recordings. Back then, I would have given my eye teeth to have access to quantity of information we have at our fingertips today.

YouTube. Subscription sites. Free lesson sites. Many of these provide fantastic lessons and resources... But unfortunately, many online lessons are inconsistent, not well organized, and just plain wrong. Using these lessons can lead to a lack of motivation, bad habits being developed, and a huge loss of time and money. 

That is why I created the Jamorama Guitar System. It provides you with a clear pathway to take you, step-by-step, from beginner level through to becoming an advanced guitar player. Along the way you'll learn Rock, Blues, Country, Lead Guitar, and more. And you'll do it in a fun, practical, and engaging way.

See you on the inside!

The Complete Video Training Solution For Guitar

A Road-Map For Success

Make progress quickly and achieve your goal of playing the guitar with our proven step-by-step approach.

Instant Online Access

Access your video lessons anytime, anywhere in our 24/7, on-demand, HD video lesson library.

Fun Jam Along Songs

Have fun while you learn with exciting play-along songs that enable you to plugin and rock out!  

Progress Tracking

Measure and chart your progress with our lesson progress tracking and reporting. 

Lifetime Access

Only pay once and get access to everything Jamorama has to offer with our unique lifetime membership.

Results Guaranteed

Order with complete peace of mind with the protection of our extended 120-day money-back guarantee.

The Jamorama Guitar System includes 275 step-by-step video lessons, integrated play-along jam tracks, and progress tracking system. Each component was designed to work perfectly together to give you the best learning experience available. 

Here's Some Of What's Covered In The Jamorama Guitar System

Foundational Skills

You'll learn all the basic concepts you need to start playing guitar and building your skills.


You'll learn all the chords including open chords, bar chords, power chords, inversions, and more.


You'll learn to strum using the world famous 'Tick Tock' technique that gives you perfect timing.


You'll learn all the major styles including Blues, Country, Jazz, Rock, and Funk.


You'll learn invaluable techniques like Hammer-On, Pull-Off, Slide, Bend, Vibrato, and more.


You'll learn the most important scales including Major, Minor, and the Pentatonic Scale.


You'll learn 100s of chord progressions enabling you to start making music right away.

Lead Guitar

Learn the key concepts of lead guitar that will give you the ability to solo along with any music.

The Blues

Learn how to play the blues with concepts like the 12 bar blues, blues chords, and blues licks.

Finger Style Guitar

You'll learn how to play finger style guitar in the style of Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, and more.

Picking Patterns

You'll learn advanced picking patterns that turn basic chord progressions into symphonies.


You'll learn famous songs from artists such as Neil Young, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and more.

Music Theory

You'll learn how to apply music theory to your guitar so you can write songs and lead bands.

Guitar TAB

You'll learn how to read guitar Tablature so you can learn 1000s of songs from free TABs on the internet.


You'll learn an incredibly easy to grasp framework for improvising like a seasoned pro.

Goal Setting

You'll learn a proven method for setting and achieving your guitar playing goals.

Practice Routines

You'll learn how to structure your practice time for optimal skills development.

Guitar Maintenance

You'll learn how to service and maintain your guitar so it's always in top playing condition.

A Comprehensive 10 Part Guitar System

Beginner Guitar Method - Stage 1

45 Videos | 2 Hrs 42 Mins 

In our Stage 1 course we show you the ropes and help you form a solid foundation you can build on for years to come. Unlike many other beginner courses that have you learning music theory for weeks before you get to play real music, this course gets you playing recognizable riffs in the first week. If you want the best start in guitar, this is it.

Beginner Guitar Method - Stage 2

40 Videos | 2 Hrs 10 Mins 

Picking up where you left off in Stage 1, you'll add even more riffs, chords, and strumming patterns to your repertoire. By the end of this course you'll be playing basic lead guitar, the 12 Bar Blues, 7 fundamental strumming patterns, 6 famous guitar riffs and you'll be well on your way to becoming a rock solid performer with guitar in hand.

Beginner Guitar Chords

15 Videos | 52 Mins 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have a few chords under your belt, this Beginner Guitar Chords Series will help you to have a complete knowledge of the most important Major, Minor and 7th chords every guitarist should know.

Blues Guitar Breakthrough

11 Videos | 1 Hrs 28 Mins 

In this course you'll build on the 12 Bar Blues you learned in the Beginner Stage 2 course and develop essential Blues rhythm and lead skills that will enable you to play gritty, soulful Blues guitar like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan and More.

Fingerstyle Guitar

36 Videos | 1 Hrs 38 Mins 

Fingerstyle is an essential part of being a guitarist and in this course you’ll learn how to play like some of the true fingerstyle guitar greats. Join Mark as he shares the fingerstyle secrets of legendary guitarists like Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, and James Taylor.

Guitar Theory Made Even Easier

22 Videos | 1 Hrs 26 Mins 

In this simple yet powerful course, Mark shares his uniquely practical approach to guitar theory. By the end of the course you’ll have a practical understanding of chord theory, scale theory and rhythm theory. All of which will help you learn songs faster, write your own music, communicate with other musicians, and much more.

Speed Picking

8 Videos | 42 Mins 

Do you have a need for speed? Watch as Mark demonstrates the skills and techniques you can use to play guitar solos with blistering speed and accuracy.

Lead Guitar for Beginners

34 Videos | 1 Hrs 27 Mins 

The ideal next step for those who have completed our ‘Beginner Guitar Method’ series of courses. In it you'll learn key lead guitar concepts like using scale shapes, creating and playing riffs and playing in a key. You'll be shocked when in week 2 you find yourself playing along to one of your favorite songs without even thinking about it. You'll think, "I hardly recognize this playing from what I was doing just a couple of weeks ago... who is this person playing my guitar?"

The 1 Hour Workout

60 Videos | 1 Hrs 05 Mins 

Think of this course as your own personal guitar trainer! Designed to be used daily in conjunction with your regular guitar playing – this course will work on your right and left hand to build incredible speed, dexterity, and strength.

Acoustic Guitar Maintenance

4 Videos | 34 Mins 

Learn everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your guitar including re-stringing, cleaning and tuning. Get ready to sound good!

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“The Jamorama instructional videos have been extremely helpful. I really feel like the jam sessions have been great too because they’ve encouraged me to continue playing.”

Nicole Walkiewicz (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Your course is so convenient and so straight forward that I’m just happy as can be with my progress."

Mark Ziggler (North Virginia, USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I just highly recommend this for this small amount of money, and if you get this you WILL enjoy it and you WILL learn how to play guitar."

Jim Walker (Las Cruces, NM USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“I'm 60 years old and I'm finally realizing my dream of learning to play the guitar and honestly I've never seen anything like it, I feel like I'm really starting to learn something and not just playing but learning music as well."

Nancy Keane (Ontario, Canada)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“These, by far, are the BEST guitar lessons I've had! There is no other program on the internet that will even come close to Jamorama! Voted #1 out of the 'Top 10' guitar lessons on the internet. I thought playing the guitar would be hard and taxing, but not with this! You don't have to sit at the mercy of a guitar teacher, spending countless hours AND MONEY to get the results you want. Jamorama makes it fun, easy and inexpensive to help you hone your skills to become a great guitar player. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you WILL benefit from Jamorama!"

Corei (USA)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Jamorama is truly an amazing program. In just a month I've completed the first stage and I'm learning faster than my fingers can get calloused because I'm so excited. I plan on using my new skills to join my church band hopefully in just a month or two (at the pace this program allows me to go). This program is awesome!"

Mark Shades (USA)


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Download and printout the TAB for each lesson and use it in your practice sessions (where applicable). Having the TAB on hand for each exercise makes learning new skills even easier and is a great way to develop your music reading abilities.

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