Sultans of Swing

Mark McKenzie one of our Song Pond tutors has just rolled in fresh from a serious work out by the looks of things. I don`t know if that`s anything to do with his guitar prowess and fretboard lucidity, but maybe. After all, Freddie King worked days in a steel mill. Mark is definitely an interesting character and when it comes to playing guitar he seriously cooks up a storm.


Mark has just run through the solo and lead parts of Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits` awesome, epic country-blues-rock, the Sultans Of Swing sitting here in the office on an acoustic guitar with both a pick and fingerstyle. Impressive stuff indeed.

So look out for The Sultans of Swing on Song Pond real soon. And don`t forget where country style licks from Chet Atkins through to Albert Lee can take you – the Sultans of Swing is evidence of that.


  1. Jamorama Post author

    Hi Mr. Gibson,
    Thank you for the kind words – we`re real glad you enjoyed the post about Mark Knopfler and the Sultans. Cheers too for the link to your impressive collection of Gibson guitars – there are some real beauties in there for sure. I`d love to get my hands on that GIBSON J-45 ‘BANNER’ wartime model. Gotta say that Knopfler sure plays a mean guitar style for a boy from Newcastle U.K. – but can it therefore be considered pure, and real, country?

  2. Used Gibson Guitar

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