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Joe Bonamassa

One of the greatest blues players on planet earth! Joe Bonamassa began his career playing guitar in the band Bloodline, which featured the offspring of several famous musicians (such as Miles Davis, Robby Krieger and Berry Oakley) Bonamassa has collaborated with numerous artists such as B.B. King, Clapton, Paul Rodgers, among others. Joe’s solo career […]

Playing the blues – its as easy as 1, 4, 5

Playin’ tha blues – it aint no big thing and it aint nobodies business if i do!

To play the blues you only have to count to five. Well holy schmoley Batman! That`s one number too darn many fo` some! Right , look out people because today’s post is about as much fun as a mouthful of sand – dry, uncomfortable and nitty-gritty; but just like your monster-in-law its a necessary evil if you want to reap the rewards!!!