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Sound like Clapton- updated

What I really wanted to focus upon today was the great offering of idiosyncratic guitars over at DiPinto`s Vintage Inventory, and boy have they got some sure-fire stuff for your guitar playing delectation, as well as some fantastic amplification and keyboards from the days of yore. What`s especially great amongst this set of old gems  […]

Money and Cigarettes

Are you feeling the fluidity inherent in a particular view of the universe? Or the united states of consciousness?
Back in 1983 Eric Clapton released the Album Money and Cigarettes supported by the stellar backing band of Ry Cooder, Albert Lee, Donald Duck Dunn, and Roger Hawkins. Duck Dunn`s contribution to popular music beginning with Booker T and M.G`s and the Stax label in around 1965 is absolutely phenomenal and he must be one of the greatest unsung heroes of the popular music cannon. Here is his discography.