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Electric Guitar Strings

For those of you who are new to the guitar here are some general pointers regarding guitar strings and how to choose them.


The thicker your guitar strings are the fatter and richer the tone, sustain and volume BUT the harder they are to bend and manipulate, in short they become harder to play because more tension exists in the string. If you are a beginner then perhaps opt for a lighter guage of strings as this will improve your fretting and playing comfort.

A great set of strings to start with is a set of ERNIE BALL hybrid slinky because these give you a lighter top end string and medium to heavy bottom end strings for the bass tones. You will find that the bass tones will have enough inherent bass but that you `ll still have a good enough tone across the board and the ability to perform bends and vibrato.

There are several options for materials to bear in mind:

1. nickel wound – produce a well balanced tone.

2. titanium coated – a vibrant tone with longer life, less corrosion, longer tuning stability.

3. pure nickel – a richer, warmer tone.

4. stainless steel – a crisp bright tone

5.gold plated – more expensive but bright sustain and long life.