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Jazz, Blues, 78 rpm and Guitar solos

So what has all this got to do with guitars. Absolutely nothing except to say that parallel to the blues tradition that is most often talked about with regard to the history of music runs the tradition of the early twentieth century Jazz bands. The original Dixie Land Jass Band are credited with being the first to record a commercial jazz music recording and here is their version of the Tiger Rag. Im fortunate enough to own a copy of this hot number on `78! Groovy.

Future guitar II

Jon and I were talking about bike riding this morning and we think there are great parallels between bicycle design and development and that of guitar. I think the Sunday Times ran a think tank amongst a series of leading experts, gurus and scientists who felt that the greatest invention of the last 250 yearswas the bicycle. Basically any great design doesn`t need radical design improvements but more innovation in materials. Like they say you just can`t reinvent the wheel but you can improve the drivers, sprockets, braking, geometry for different applications. Anyway this what we`re seeing in modern guitar design right now. Of course underlying the construction of the guitar are some fundamental mathematics which I`m going to have a quick look at tomorrow and we`ll find out exactly how you can juggle time and space – the easy non transcendental way.

Meanwhile have a listen to Frank Zappa’s “Watermelons in Easter Hay”