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Obviously, in the world of guitar legend one man stands alone, head and shoulders above his peers; distorting time and space whilst achieving transcendental oneness with his guitar in a zen like reverie of Amerindian shamanism, Free love, sex, politics, feedback, fire and death.

If there was ever a sacrifice made to the guitar gods it was Hendrix himself…exploding into flame at Monterey Hendrix burnt away in a three year vapour trail of drugs, touring, alcohol, invention, and innovation – notwithstanding the management, money and mafia troubles that followed in his wake.

For those of you who are baffled by the countless re-iterations and compilations floating endlessly around, the remixes and terrible bastardisations such as “Midnight Lightning”, or “Loose Ends” (which showcase an industries shallow greed in selling the out-takes from the cutting room floor and even using hired modern musicians to remake tracks), the blatent misbranding of Hendrix’ work with Curtis Knight – to help you in avoiding these shark infested pools of the Hendrix legacy here are 6 albums that I can wholeheartedly recommend.