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Jeff Healey

There’s an awful lot of talk about tone and technique but talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. One guitarist who never let anything get in the way of his playing , and also one will be sorely missed is the immense and unique talent of Jeff Healey a blind guitarist who played the guitar whilst it lay across his lap.

Healey’s literally hands-on approach to the guitar gave him an unsurpassable level of attack & sustain rivalling that of Jimi Hendrix combined with an absolutely devastating high octane thumb fretting and soaring string bending technique. I saw Jeff in the early 90`s in London and the performance was absolutely mesmerising, highly physical and intensely emotional. If you’re struggling to find inspiration and the practice routine or lessons are getting you down perhaps try doing it with your eyes shut.

Blues Fundamentals

Blues Fundamentals

After finding an online video teaching the two-fret (whole tone) string bend as a fundamental blues lick, there has been a certain degree of disagreement around the office as to whether this simple bend can constitute an blues fundamental.

How can something as simple as this elicit so much passionate debate?
Well, it`s all about emotion, passion and technique.

For me the ultimate blues lick would probably have to consist of only one note and some might say that maybe no-one has played it yet. I disagree:

On Freddie King’s “Pack It Up”, and “Shake Your Booty Baby” King takes this simple single bend technique and pushes it to its emotional maximum.

If you wanna hear simple blues playing that just really really cooks like a blister burning on the surface of the sun this album is the real deal. If you play the guitar and you`d like to develop the kind of passion and string control that will take you somewhere then this is one of the top ten albums in your list: