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Fender Select Series

If you’re a Fender fan I’m sure you already know about the Fender Select series. The Select Series was introduced to the market earlier this year as its new top-of-the-production-line best. Select instruments for select individuals. The Fender Select series includes five guitars and two basses. This series includes Fender’s experience and expertise in building […]

Choosing Guitar Pickups and amps

gold lace sensors used exclusively by Fender from 1987 to 1996. These were used by Eric Clapton for some time, and Jeff Beck also. So if you`re interested, check out the sounds these guys achieve between these dates live. I think they deliver a great sound through a range of amplifiers and I`d recommend them. The options for pick ups are pretty vast these days and Fender are now producing their own Fender Special Design dual-coil ceramic Noiseless™ pick ups so these, which Clapton (using the vintage model) and Beck have in their current signature guitar models.