Talent is everywhere – amazing street guitarists

My beautiful Jamorama followers… How is everybody doing with the guitar lessons? Practicing much? I don’t know about you but I am feeling very inspired today and to be honest I don’t know why, in fact I should be feeling very upset as I am not playing music this weekend because a gig I had this Saturday has been postponed… it sucks, but anyway, here I am and what I want to say is that talent is everywhere!

If you walk the streets you will find some amazing artists doing excellent things on every corner in the city; it can be a circus guy, a street guitarist, a trumpet player, a drummer, etc.

And the best thing is that seated in front of a computer we can find talent from all around the globe, isn’t that fantastic!? Remember, talent is everywhere and inspiration comes from it.

Are you in need of some truly talented street guitarists, someone just like you or me who plays super well but is not a Rockstar just yet? Well, check these guitarists out!

Let’s start with this street guitarist who looks like some Viking playing a mix between Classical guitar and Speed heavy metal, check it out:

Now let’s jump to the North Island in New Zealand to calm things a bit and hear a well known street muso called Andy Blue, playing on Wellington Streets:

And this guy, Estas Tonne, who seems to be quite popular plays the classical guitar like no one else! A bit modern, a bit classic and a lot of Flamenco guitar going on here:

Amazing stuff isn’t it? If you’re wanting some more melodic and rhythmic patterns, this street guitarist in Brisbane, Australia is definitely something you need to check out:

And to wrap it up, a street guitarist from Africa that a good friend of mine shared with me a couple of days ago:

I think you’ll agree with me about talent is everywhere… don’t forget about the talent you have inside you, that talent that only needs a bit of work to pull it out… practice, more practice and a little bit of more practice is the only thing you need.

What are you waiting for?


  1. Priyank

    Thnxx a lot for this great stuff really inspirational
    , Dont know where I lost my love of this passion

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