Totem Guitars

Yesterdays Teye guitar post proved to me that indulgent, exorbitant and outrageously decorous rococco influenced design could look stunning even on a guitar. Personally I feel guitars look overdressed with too much design sauce poured across them so its testament to Teye that their take on 18th Century Gypsy Maverick meets Mayan Voodoo guitar god looks so damn good.

Today though I`m going to take a look at design that`s got just as much art in it but feels more like a pair of family boots – handmade, well worn, exquisitely crafted from quality materials, but earthy, individual and unique in every way. Here they are Spalt Totem Guitars – I `ll take three of each please cause I just can`t dance. Yeah!


Jake Edwards


  1. Jamorama Post author

    Baemer, you`re a lucky man indeed and yes that guitar is absolutely stunning. Personally, I love the minimalist, understated design, enforced by those cool, cool vintage gibbo mini buckers. Id love to hear it `cause it must sound as `pure as the driven snow` without a tone circuit.

    That`s an innovation of the less is more variety I would like to see more of in the guitar industry rather than the current trend for digital simulation & gratuitous robotics bordering on synthetics – we`re living in an era where commercial factors are sucking the very tone and life out of the guitar industry and making fools out of anyone who doesn`t know any better.

    To paraphrase Lance in Pulp Fiction:

    “I`ll take the pepsi challenge with that Digital shit any day of the f&^%$^n’ Week.”

    Cheers Baemer and thank you for your great comment.

  2. Baemer

    Hey There –
    I own white and blue, the fourth guitar linked to on your listing. It is an amazing instrument, certainly beautiful, and one of a kind. It’s got 70’s vintage gibson mini humbuckers, and the lack of a tone circuit keeps the tone as pure as possible. It currently has a different neck than the one shown in the photo, but I can say, after owning many gibsons, fenders, rickenbackers, and g&l’s, that this is the finest neck I’ve put my hands on. Keep up the positive coverage of Mssr. Spalt. and @ Ron Gonzalez, I’ve visited his LA Guitar Garage in Echo Park, and he is definitely available if you need to reach him….you can find him here –
    Cheers –

  3. Ron Gonzalez


    I just wanted to say that M. Spalt’s Totem guitars are amongst the most beautiful guitars I’ve seen in the past 10 years. I bought the guitar known as “Oracion.” I’ve played it every day for the last 8 years. I wish I could find him so I could buy another one.

    1. Jamorama Post author

      For sure, there are alot of beautiful guitars around; but yeah! I`m in agreement with you there Ron!

      1. Jamorama Post author

        There`s a spalt totem that`s currently for sale it`s called the VOODOO. I`ve just written a new post about it.

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