White Stripes – delicious



If you like the tastes of the White Stripes, and let`s face it,  if you dont you must be mad, then these are the kind of guitars you oughta be on the lookout for! These airlines look like beautiful candy, humbug styled atomic surfboards designed with the best tonal flavours in mind. Delicious.

Just ask yourself  “What would Flash Gordon be playing?”.

I`d like to suggest that White and Co. are encroaching on Dylan`s hallowed territory with much of their quality lyrical composition – as well as divining riffs that instantaneously occupy the upper echelons of the rock riff cannon – for example the Seven Nation Army. Even when White puts the guitar down, he stills kicks out the greatest tunes and ideas – consider “My Doorbell”.

Best regards,

Jake Edwards


  1. mondo

    Guitar playing still going well. But have a job now, it’s sucking the time out of my life. 🙁
    I still practice every chance I get tho. I guess the trade off with losing time is the chance to upgrade gear soon with income.

    Day off today!! Will be taking the acoustic out to the garden with a few beers and spend the day noodling on me guitar.

    Peace out, dude. Glad it all went off at the Lab for everyone.

  2. mondo

    I have White Stripes Under Blackpool Lights DVD. It’s mint.

    X Media Lab kick ass??? 😀

    1. Jamorama Post author

      Yeah man, things are going through the roof?

      How`s the guitar playing brother?


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