Giveaway: How do you plan to rock the 4th of July?

It’s Independence Day. Time to fire up the BBQ, have a few drinks and strike up a jam on the good ol’ acoustic guitar.

Well, that’s one way of celebrating July 4th.

If Jimi Hendrix were alive today, he might fire up the Fender Strat with a rendition of “Star Spangled Banner”.

Here at Jamorama our marketing team plan to celebrate by kicking off a week long, ‘Ultimate Guitar Learning Package’ promotion and free prize giveaway, ending Sunday night.

I’ve just checked it out and I’ve gotta say it’s one very complete set of guitar lessons, software, and guitar tools – And with a 70% discount you’d be crazy not to go and check it out.

As a bit of fun, we’re giving away 2 “Ultimate Guitar Learning Packages” right here on the blog, and here’s how you can get your hands on one ‘em…

Tell us how you plan to rock this 4th of July!

We want to know the unique way you plan to spend (or did spend) the national holiday. We’ll pick our 2 favorite answers and announce the package winners here on Friday. Just leave your comment here on this post.

Please make sure you fill in the email field when you leave your comment so we can contact you if you win!

Looking forward to hearing your great responses!

Posted by Jon Coursey


  1. Chris Elliott

    Did a bit of work and drank a few brews for the lady in red, white, and blue while watching the fireworks with my 5 year old princess. Was a relaxing, mellow time 🙂

    Chris Elliott

  2. Chris Veverka

    Our family gets together with my nephew and his family and my brother and his family and lots of friends for a bar bq and fireworks! We always have a lot of fun and love the family time!

    Happy Independance Day!

    Chris V.

  3. Cat

    We had a major street party on our block in Koreatown/Los Angeles. The fireworks started early! It was so nice to hear the sound of kids laughing and playing beforehand. My neighbors’ kids made everyone in the building little crayon-colored bracelets and brought out their pink “Hello Kitty” guitar. One day I will be able to join in on their mini jam sessions. – Cat

  4. Eric Amundrud

    My band and I, (aka Clearwater Cargo Cult), will play downtown in Straub Park in front of thousands. The fireworks display will be performed during our magnum opus, EthniCity. A major record label supposedly will be there for a possible signing.

    Wait…. I do not have a band called Clearwater Cargo Cult. I do not even know how to play guitar. This is where you guys come in. I

    Happy 4th of July!

  5. Tony

    Our whole street gets together to set off our fireworks. Its a great time for the kids to play together while we have a few drinks and catch up with each other. The best part is seeing who went out and spent the most money on fireworks. Its amazing how much you can burn off in such a small amount of time! Happy 4th July, Be safe- Tony

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