What do the pros use?

If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite artist gets that unique sound you can wonder no more. The guys at GuitarGeek, have dedicated their time and energy to compiling a comprehensive list of the amps, effects and guitars that artists use.

Over time their images of the artist’s setups have changed so that now they are both easy to understand and very nice to look at.

Clapton Gear

Ever wanted to know just what Clapton was using in his days with the Bluesbreakers? The year is 1966 and Clapton is playing his 1950s Les Paul’s Standard through a Marshall Combo. Wanna know what speakers and tubes were in that model? Those details are all but a few clicks away.

While it might be hard to track down this particular model with a modest price tag, the information provided gives you a decent head start on what to look for and what could be possible.

And if nothing else, this information will add to your ever growing understanding of great tone. You can be pretty sure that the information provided on the site are sound, given that most of the information comes from the artist’s or their guitar tech’s mouths.

And with this type of direct contact you’ll find the occasional gem of behind the scenes takes from the artists themselves on their gear or band members and/or techies on the artist.

A great resource for geek-ing out and putting together the dream set up, should all your stars align and you win the lottery. Take a look.

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  1. Anglea Rapson

    It’s not just for the pros. I’m still learning, but purchased this little beauty the other week and love it!

  2. Rob Dotzler

    Oh jeez, disregard, though this is still a cool website, I have too many tabs open and thought I was on the GuitarGeek site. So, thanks for the link instead! Cheers.

  3. Rob Dotzler

    I was looking for Buck Dharma and when he didn’t turn up, I gave Tony Iommi a shot. I actually know Iommi’s set up, but tried it any way. He didn’t show either. Am I doing something wrong? I know Buck may not be as popular as BOC is massively underrated (even though Buck has always been rated as a top player through the decades), but Sabbath can’t be obscure, right? Regardless, there’s tons to keep me occupied for a while, thanks for such a cool website!

    1. admin

      Hi Windy, well I have to say that first, We would need to have Chets fingers… lol, honestly, a huge part of Atkins sound was on his finger stylepicking and style. Then, regarding gear, I found this information on the Gibson forum, check it out.

      Chet Atkins gear list.

      Hope this helps!


      Luis Tovar

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