Beginner Guitar Chords

Go grab your guitar because you will need it this time, four chords every beginner should know.

Due to popular demand, Mark McKenzie aka “the guitar guy” and full time tutor here at Jamorama has created a series on beginner guitar chords.

I know some of you are probably already shredding the guitar, but let’s not forget how difficult it was as a beginner learning our first few chords.

This time, Mark’s going to teach you how to play four simple, basic but powerful chords that can be used to play a heap of songs! The chords are: D major, G major, A major and E major.

Easy? Yeah sure, give them a go!

Let’s start with the D major chord:

Moving onto the next, the G major chord:

How are you getting on? Ready for the next one? The A major chord:

And finish this series up with the E major chord:

If you enjoyed these videos you should definitely check out the rest of the Beginner Guitar Chords series on Mark’s Youtube channel.

Enjoy and learn!


  1. Ron Mittler

    G major tougher then I thought ill get it

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