John Mayer

Don’t look at me like that, John Mayer is way more than a pop artist singing “Daughters” or “Your body is wonderland”. Give him a break, he was probably just wanting to get all the ladies backstage – and he probably did.

I thought I knew John Mayer. But I only knew him as a pop singer, I wasn’t even aware he could play the guitar to be honest but he definitely can play and even better, he can feel it and makes you feel it too.

I am not a big follower of his work, but I definitely admit that his 2006 Continuum album is a must listen. I guarantee you will like it from beginning to end – I didn’t, not so long ago but it is definitely on my playlist now.

If you are not very acquainted with his work, check out a couple of videos from his live in L.A. DVD called “From where the light is”.


  1. Curtis Jones

    it’s such a shame that a guy as crazy talented as John Mayer isn’t at the top of the charts

  2. Tinaskingdom

    You took the words right out of my mouth, and on top of it all the top recording of Vultures was the one that hooked me. He changes just enough with each album yet retains the underlying spark that keeps me interested in following his growth as a musician.

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