Custom Guitars

Hello,  It`s the weekend but that doesn`t mean I`m not blogging, songwriting, forgetting to eat and here ready to update your knowledge of the guitar from A to Z.

So check out Rick Toone` guitar luthiery here. Rick fuses the history and tradition of guitar luthiery with contemporary knowledge, physics science and materials. Check out Ricks site because it is a highly informative resource for anyone interested in how guitars actually work and how they could be improved. Rick has taken this thinking forward to pioneer such ideas as:

• Acoustic instrument with tremolo/vibrato
• Simple realtime at-the-bridge player-adjustable intonation and action
• Alternative neck-to-body joint designs for improved upper fret access
• Easy inclusion of electric guitar pickups in an acoustic instrument
• Asymmetrical ergonomic body shapes
• Use of locally grown sustainable woods for body and neck construction

Keep it real . Yeah!

Jake Edwards


  1. Rick Toone

    Jake — thanks for checking in. I appreciate your interest.

    One other thought I’d like to add is each of my instruments is a unique piece of art designed for a specific person. Every aspect is designed to support your musical, aesthetic and ergonomic needs as an individual player. I build each one by hand.

    I’m here to help you take your musicianship as far as you can go.

    1. Jamorama Post author

      Hi Rick,
      I`m a huge fan of your work, your art and thoroughly appreciate the unified approach to science, innovation, expression and organics your instruments exemplify! Thanks for allowing us to showcase your instruments and art here.
      Cheers, Jake.

  2. Ray Garrett

    Wow, that is some serious craftsmanship. Serious dosh too!! I could only dream to own a guitar like that.
    I’m looking at a Hagstrom Ultra Swede for a much needed upgrade. Anyone had any experience with Hagstrom guitars?

    1. slim pickins

      Yes! Bought an Ultra Swede myself in May and I love it! Great guitar – excellent value for money – I would have paid much more than I did for this viking axe. Nice features like binding and coil tap switch that one doesn’t usually find at this price point. Super thin neck as well (that’s how it first grabbed me). Do it.

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