Danny Godinez

“Progressive dreamy acoustic guitar”

If you live in Seattle, you probably already know Danny Godinez, I have heard that he is pretty famous out there… and after seeing his touring schedule, I can see he is a busy guitarist around the Seattle area.

I can’t see why he wouldn’t, he is a guitar freak! A super talented guitarist who pushes the envelope with his guitar playing which is really inspiring!

Acoustic guitars, wah wah pedal, loop station, percussive fingers and lots of harmonics…

Danny Godinez is a Seattle based guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is also a solo performer and collaborates with the legendary drummer Michael Shrieve (Santana) in a project called Spellbinder.

His solo performances range from intricate finger style guitar, to vocally driven pieces, to experimental soundscapes using real time samples and innovative guitar style.

Check him out in a solo performance:


Learn more about on his Google profile.


  1. Miloš

    This is awesome guitar player, unbelievable . Perfect mix of skill and innovation !

  2. Wu Ming

    Less tricks and more guitar playing would be my preference

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