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If you’re a parent and you`d like to try and inspire the young ones to develop an interest in the guitar then the Yamaha EZAG stringless guitar might be just what you need!

IF the kids are hyped out of their minds on sugar, guitar hero or rock band then the Yamaha EZAG guitar might be the next step upon the ladder towards beginning playing a real guitar. It’s not just for kids though this is a serious learning machine and at a the RIDICULOUS price of $220 U.S. it`s within reach of most of us!

I think we`ll be seeing alot more of this kind of guitar controller in the future perhaps?
After all flicking a switch ain’t strumming a string is it? I`d be jamming out on GUITAR HERO alot more if it was tailored more towards the real guitar experience.


This futuristic self-teaching guitar with Guide Lights means no sore fingers, no tuning required and no broken strings – and you play along with the built-in band from the first day you pick it up! The EZ-AG is a new musical instrument that provides all the fun and excitement of a guitar without the sore fingers, broken strings, poor tuning and tedious exercises. Now, anyone, of any age, can learn chords and strumming by following lights.

It features 6 lighted frets that show beginners the actual hand positions for chords, plus six “strings” that emulate strumming or finger-picking.¬† The onboard selection of songs can be expanded via the Web – songs can be downloaded into the guitar’s Flash ROM and a quick connection to a computer.

You’re literally playing in minutes. And, as easy and fun as the EZ-AG is – you’re really learning to play and you can plug the EZ-AG into a standard guitar amplifier, or use the mini-headphone jack for private practice.


Jake Edwards


  1. Neil McIntyre

    I want to learn who has a “stringless guitar” and how can I learn to play it…????
    Kindly write to me at…
    Mr. Neil McIntyre PO Box 1962 Southport 4215 GC. Qld. Australia.
    Cheers for now.. Neil …MY Email is NOT reliable.

  2. neil

    I have a TIGER stringless guitar, it is beautiful, no stings, I have asked about 20 music specialists, NONE have ever heard of a stringless guitar, where do I go from here?
    Hope you can help me, = if so drop me a limne to Mr.Neil McIntyre PO BOx 1962 Southport 4215 Gold Coast Qld Australia.

  3. allen briscoe

    might be interested in selling this product. wjhere can U buy a sample mschine

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