Edgar Cruz’s Bohemian Rhapsody

For some reason I have been very attracted lately to classical guitar. I think it simply sounds beautiful. The other day while doing some work at home, I put my iTunes on shuffle and suddenly a beautiful acoustic guitar started playing through the speakers with a very aggressive yet lovely melody and pattern.
At first I said, “Uhh, boring”, but I ended up sitting down contemplating the rest of the song.

Before the song finished I ran to my computer to see who the guitarist was. His name – Edgar Cruz. First of all, I didn’t know who he was or how his music got into my collection, perhaps it was a divine sign? Anyway, since that day I have been listening to a lot of classical guitar, more flamenco orientated and I am loving it! It really is beautiful and worthwhile listening for any musician!

Who is Edgar Cruz?
He’s an independent classical and finger-style guitarist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Having recorded over a sixteen albums in styles ranging from Classical to Flamenco, Pop to Jazz, Cruz has played it all. It is perhaps his finger-style arrangement of Bohemian Rhapsody for which he is best.

Check it out:

If you are into this type of music, I would love if you shared some of your favorites!

If you want to watch more videos of him and find out about his discography, visit his Media section, on his web site.

I hope you enjoy it!

Learn more about on his Google profile.


  1. Marcus

    John H. Clarke is definitely worth checking out. A couple of my favourites of his are Aurora Borealis and Persuit of the Cygnus Thief. His speed, technique and performance are awesome – could watch his videos and listen to the music all day!

  2. Dennis Renfroe

    Yes he”s very good I enjoyed his version, i like this style of guitar very much. My all time favorite is from a movie soundtrack, Don Juan De Marco with Johnny Dep, and Marlon Brando staring in it, I dont know who the guitar player is in this soundtrack but I listen to it all the time. You will know why after you hear it. Let me know how you like it too, I would like to hear back from you .Thanks Dennis Renfroe

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