Five questions by the Jamorama team

See what you think about this… 5 simple, easy, but personal questions to be answered by each Jamorama team member.

This could possibly become some sort of weekly or monthly interaction, perhaps something to start implementing on our Facebook page… five simple but powerful questions that won’t do anything but to get to know each other.

This time is the turn of Jon Coursey, RSR´s managing director to get into the confessional and tell us all his secrets! Let the game begin!

So tell us Jon:

1. How do you discover new music?
Back before the Internet revolutionized everything, I’d spend hours down at my favorite music store, flipping through the cd’s and listening to them on the ‘listening post’. While I feel a certain amount of nostalgia for those days, I love how the Internet has made finding new music so much easier.

These days I mostly use’s similar artists feature to find music that suits my tastes. It’s a great tool because it gives pretty good matches to what you are listening to, and gives you the ability to listen to the artist’s music for free in your browser. I’ve found a lot of great new music this way.

I also check out the indie music site on a regular basis. There are always new artists coming up there, and the site provides free streaming songs so you can discover music you like.

2. What is your dream guitar?
I don’t really have one, but I love the old National tricone resonator guitars. If there was one must have guitar it would be one of those.

3. What was the first album you ever bought?
Dire Straights – Sultans of Swing, on cassette tape. My first cd was Guns n Roses – Use your illusion I and II.

4. When did you start playing/learning music?
Piano was my first instrument. I started learning around the age of 13. At age 15 I picked up a cheap drum kit and decided I was going to become a ‘drummer’. At age 19 I bought my first guitar, an acoustic Fender Balboa, and have loved every minute I’ve spent playing guitar since.

5. What band you most want to see that you haven’t seen yet?
Easy, Jeff Buckley circa 1994. You didn’t say they had to be living right?

So there you have! Interesting way of discover new music, taking advantage of technology on the era we are living – I totally agree on that one!

Next time, another Jamorama team member will be chosen to answer these 5 questions! BUT, We also want to know you… what are your answers? Heaps of space to write them out on the “comments” section!

Thanks for sharing them!


  1. Rick

    Okay…I’ll bite.

    Question 1: Mostly I here new things from the younger guys here at work. There’s always someone running their playlist through one of the radios near their workstation. many different tastes here!

    Number 2: I’m not entirely sure. My Uncle was in purchasing at the old Ovation factory a few towns over from where I grew up. I have a couple of hand me downs but have always wanted an Adamas. Other then that, Martin came out with an Adirondack spruce topped guitar that gave me chills when I first heard it…really liked that one.

    Question 3: Country roads by John Denver. Back then I wanted to play folk and country. Now I like everything except I can’t get my head around rap styles…a lot of it has a good groove but musically…I don’t know…I guess it leaves me empty inside.

    Four: When I was eight (52 now) the Uncle I mentioned gave me a repaired Ovation 12 string Balladeer (which I still have). Mom had me take classical lessons which I didn’t really enjoy at that age (but I’m thankful now!) then she found me a folk guitarist that I really liked.

    Number Five:….that’s easy…the Alman Brothers Band. Their styles really touch my soul. the older stuff and the new..

    Thanks for asking!


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