New version of Jamorama coming soon!

Check out this video we made for the upcoming Jamorama relaunch to hear more about the new site and courses we’re releasing!

Up-date: The new version of Jamorama is now live!

Happy jammin’.


  1. paul goodchild

    Hi, I have gone through both of the beginner courses already which although very good and informative, now leaves me having to go back to the classic series. When can we expext to see the next batch of lessons, either beginner 3 or intermediate 1? Whilst I find the classic series very good, I would prefer to watch and play along with Mark as you can in the new beginner series.

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Paul, awesome work getting through those courses. We have an excellent new course due for release in the next few days. It’s called the ‘Guitar Workout’ and I’d say it will be perfect for someone like yourself who’s gone through our beginner series and needs something a little more challenging to push their level. We’ll be announcing it here on the blog soon.

  2. mitchel

    i want to learn swift in the guitar please help me…

  3. Cliff

    Can I receive from you the Stage One Course free lessons; hope it is not too late.

    1. Luis

      Hi Cliff, you can watch some of the free video lessons on the website, please visit


  4. Gavin Carter

    Will I be able to play the videos from the new course on my iOS devices? I just downloaded the first beginner video and it’s saying I need Flash to be able to view it.

    1. Luis

      Hey Gavin, YES! One of the big improvements to the new Jamorama is that you are going to be able to watch our HD video lessons on your iOS devices. No matter where you are, Jamorama´s new design can adapt to your screen size, from phones to TVs.

      The new stuff should be out by next week! We will Email you to let you know when you can visit our website to check out the new content.

      Luis Tovar

  5. Meg

    Learning to play music online is such a great option! I learned to play piano online and would love to take guitar lessons! Hope your new course goes well! Good Luck!

  6. John Ware

    Good news look forward to seeing the New Course, keep us informed. I am sure it will be good after two years in the making. Good wishes to you all.

    John UK

  7. gvido

    excellent news! i hope my recent purchase of the course will be taken into accout. I really enjoy it ( got up to lessin 8 already). Keep up the good work!


    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      We’ll certainly be doing all we can to reward our loyal members when the new site is launched – more news to come on that soon!

  8. Lavi

    ey guys appreciate ur product improvement i’m an existing customer myself but havin difficulties being a left hand player hav u guys consider left hand player lesson i’m eager for da new improvement cheers

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Lavi, we don’t have left hand lessons as yet, but it’s something I’ll talk to Mark about. Even if it were just a tips and advice type lesson for those lefties starting out learning guitar – that could be helpful perhaps?

  9. Ken Tucker

    What program or software do I need to play the video in your current e-mail (ad)
    I have adobe flash but can’t get the video link to work
    Ken Tucker

  10. Robb

    Sound great (even though you guys call me MARY because it was payed for with the girlfriends debit!!)

    I have both jamorama and rocket piano.
    looking forward.

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hey Rob, that’s funny – I hope you weren’t too offended! But seriously, you’ll be able to update your name in the new site 🙂

  11. Julia Parker

    Love your videos and started learning with your YouTube channel this year! Thanks you for being so good!

  12. DAVID


  13. Omar

    That’s awesome! So for us guys that have bought the Jamorama lessons, old version, will we get some sort of credit towards the new and improved version? I really hope so!

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Omar, we’ll definitely be doing something to reward the loyalty of all our existing customers. Email update soon 🙂

  14. Ken Tucker

    video does not play. This is new to Jamorama videos for me.
    What software do I need. Do you have a link for download?
    Thanks ,

  15. Reno

    Do you have Jamorama for us bass players ?

  16. jim

    Can you give an example of what a lesson would be like?

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Jim, when the new site goes live next week there will be plenty of free lessons to try to gauge the quality for yourself. That’s something we really wanted to have in the new site as sometimes, with some sites, it’s hard to know what you are even getting before you buy. Sorry to make you wait though, we’re working as fast as we can 😉

  17. Karoly Holzinger

    Hello Jon,

    I’m very curius abaut the new version of Jamorama and can hardly expect the next week.
    The short preview on the video really intrigued me.

    Greetings from Germany

  18. Linden Stead

    I assume that you are going to make a charge for this new course but will there be any discounts for those, like myself, who have purchased the previous Jamorama course and who would like to update the content?

    Kind regards,

    Linden Stead.

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hi Linden, we will definitely be doing something to reward the loyalty of our existing customers. We’ll be emailing customers soon about this!

    2. Larry ray

      Luis I would like to order this new version.but our pass problem getting the old version to down load makes me want to wait.then if I wait time runs out for me to buy at the special price.I think it might be fixed now,but it has not been used enough to tell.their is one thing everyone should know,you gave it your all to try and get the problem fixed. For that I think you.

      1. Luis

        Hey Larry, one of the improvements on the new Jamorama lessons is that you do not need to download them, you can simply login to your members dashboard and watch the video lessons online over and over again. If you are keen on trying the NEW Jamorama get in touch through our support email ( and I will try to keep last weekend´d discount for you.

        Hope to hear from you soon.

  19. Rick Demeter

    May I please have a two week free trial? I am seeking a good site and I am just a beginner. Rick

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Hey Rick, when the site goes live next week you’ll get access to some freebie lessons so you can judge the content for yourself. We really try to break it down for the beginner.

  20. Jean-Francois

    Hi guys,

    Good to hear about the new site coming up.
    How will it affect the current version for us current owner/members?

    1. admin

      Hey Jean, good question. We knew this relaunch would affect many people who are already happily using Jamorama and we quickly realized that we couldn’t just pull the rug out from beneath them, so to speak. So, when the new site goes live, the existing courses will be made available.

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