Frets for the bigger hands

How many times you have struggled to get your chords sounding right?

During all these years of providing guitar lessons and resources for the beginner guitarists, we have had hundreds of emails from guitarists saying that their fingers are too big for the guitar they are using.

Unfortunately there aren’t many fixes for this issue. You could try finding a guitar with bigger frets, or get a Classical acoustic guitar or simply get used to the guitar you have. At some point though, you will end up finding a way to make your chords sound right…that is of course, before now.

Finally one smart company has come up with the right solution for all those fuller sized fingers out there.

Zarley Wide Neck Guitars introduced its line of wide neck guitars back in April, 2012. These guitars are of course designed for those musicians with bigger hands; the wide neck guitars are built on a classic single cut design.

The Wide Neck Guitars have three different categories:

1. Player Series – which are similar to a Fender Stratocaster model.
2. Standard Series – which are Telecaster models.
3. Reserve Series guitars – which are Les Paul’s models.

Remember, all these guitars are Zarley and the factory price range goes from $349.00 up to $400.00 usd.

But why wide neck?

Wide Neck guitars come with an extended 1 7/8” (47.625mm) nut width and .315” (8mm) string spacing. These two characteristics alone will make your chords and single note runs, sound right.

So if you complain about how small your guitar frets are, there is now an easy and affordable solution. Zarley Wide Neck Guitars have thought about you and they probably will make a lot of money as there are heaps of enthusiast guitarists fighting against their guitar frets.

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  1. Garry Champion

    Hi guys, the link to Zarley is dead, just goes to a page saying Magneto is sadly closing down!

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      Thanks Gary, it looks Zarley are having some issues with their website. For now I’m redirecting to their Facebook page. Hopefully they are still in business!

  2. Roger C

    Sad to report that unless your hands are REALLY REALLY large( like the largest 2% of the population), the main cure is simply more practice! That includes us all. Save your money and just keep practicing.

    1. Jon Coursey Post author

      This issue has the Jamorama team quite divided. Some of us think the wide neck is a great idea. Some of us think that practice is the only real way to go. Me personally? Well, all I can say is that one of the best guitar players I know is a freezing works worker with the biggest mitts I’ve ever seen! And I’ve never heard him once complain about the size of his hands. But you know what? He practices like crazy!

    2. C Rogers

      I’m guessing you don’t have large hands so yours is not really an informed opinion. I’ve been playing for over 44 years, played in numerous bands, have large fingers, and have always had the problem of muting when forming chords near the nut. I’ve got a Zarley LP copy on the way so I’ve put my money where my mouth is. My Strat & Tele will probably collect dust after it arrives.
      It’s simple: can you play cleaner (without muting) on a classical or wider necked acoustic? If the answer is “YES” then a Big Lou or Zarley is worth checking out, especially at the price.
      In my experience, those who state that it is simply “more practice required” do not themselves have large fingers.

      1. darrennie

        I agree 100% . I have big mits myself and have always had cramping problems when I played my acoustic, so I bought an acoustic with a wider neck (Seagull Performance) and have noticed a significant difference.

  3. george shottenkirk

    I have fat fingers and I’m interested in the hollow body, but it’s been out of stock since I back when I first read about on Jamorama back in January. I put it on my wish list but haven’t heard back.

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