Funk Guitar Secrets Revealed…

In a recent lesson I was asked about my approach to playing funk guitar solos, which caused me to pause… because I’ve never really analysed what I do when playing funky solos… I’ve mainly tended to play just whatever I feel in the moment… never thinking too much as I find thinking gets in the way of a good groove…

But it was a good question, and I’ve since had some time to analyse the techniques I use when coming up with funky guitar solos… and even had some time to film lessons for some of them… enjoy.



    Thank you mark
    I by chance had your thumb tag pop up while doing research.
    I found your lesson on bar chords quite specific and helpful ,
    giving us 5 essential elements to bring together.
    Positioning the first finger last is one I haven’t heard-juicy!
    So again, THANK YOU!
    I shall look to you again for your wisdom and talent.

  2. Timothy Stradford

    That was an awesome lesson Mark, I’m just entering my fourth year playing guitar (got started late in my 40s) but always had an ear for music. Use to play saxophone in my junior and high school days. But this funk strumming lesson was on the money! Picked up a lot from it…Thanks again!

  3. Robert

    HI Mark,
    I have recently started playing guitar last couple of months, i have leaned so much from you already. you have an amazing gift/talent to teach us less fortunate that have finally started later in life. A FAN. Thank you.

  4. Doud

    Thanks…always up for a free lesson.

  5. John Willis

    Mark you have inspired me so much but I cant afford to pay at this time. I started playing when I was 8
    lessons on the classical guitar till I was 12, forgot most of what I learned due to backing off the playing due to being a general contractor and 5 kids. Im 60 now and have a passion for the guitar like never before, I want to learn to read music again, but you have some fast ways to get it back so thanks Mark please I would love to be a student of yours but I am in the US. Thank you

  6. Cecil

    Hi Mark, i get so many queries from people only seeing me looking at some of your clips that i had to recommend your site to them. I say “had to” because if i did not, they pester me to such an extent that i had to start looking at the clips in secret. Since then, i have realized that recommending your site was the best thing to do as i have regained my “peeking time” is back to normal.! Great thanks for such a great service.!

  7. thomas

    Thanks for keeping in touch I have sent your info to guitar friends.

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